Externalism and Self-Knowledge

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September 1998



One of the most provocative projects in recent analytic philosophy has been the development of the doctrine of externalism, or, as it is often called, anti-individualism. While there is no agreement as to whether externalism is true or not, a number of recent investigations have begun to explore the question of what follows if it is true. One of the most interesting of these investigations thus far has been the question of whether externalism has consequences for the doctrine that we have authoritative, a priori self-knowledge of our mental states. The selected works presented in this volume, some previously published, some new, are representative of this debate and open up new questions and issues for philosophical investigation, including the connection between externalism, self-knowledge, epistemic warrant, and memory.


Introduction; Part I. Externalism and Authoritative Self-Knowledge - What are They? 1. Excerpts from Principles of Philosophy Rules for the Regulation of the Mind Rene Descartes; 2. Individualism and the mental Tyler Burge; Part II. Externalism and Authoritative Self-Knowledge are Compatible: 3. Knowing one's own mind Donald Davidson; 4. Individualism and self-knowledge Tyler Burge; 5. Privileged access John Heil; Part III. Externalism and Authoritative Self-Knowledge are Incompatible: 6. Content and self-knowledge Paul Boghossian; 7. Anti-individualism and privileged access Michael McKinsey; 8. The incompatibility of anti-individualism and priviledged access Jessica Brown; Part IV. The Compatibilists Respond: 9. What an anti-individualist knows A Priori Anthony Brueckner; 10. The Brown-McKinsey charge of inconsistency Brian McLaughlin; 11. Privileged self-knowledge and externalism are compatible Brian McLaughlin and Michael Tye; Part V: Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Epistemic Warrant: 12. Externalism, self-knowledge, and the prevalence of slow-switching Peter Ludlow; 13. Externalism, privileged self-knowledge, and the irrelevance of slow-switching Ted Warfield; 14. Our entitlement to self-knowledge (I) Tyler Burge; 15. Our entitlement to self-knowledge (II): entitlement self-knowledge and conceptual redeployment Christopher Peacocke; Part VI. Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Memory: 16. Social externalism, self-knowledge, and memory Peter Ludlow; 17. Externalism and memory: a problem? Peter Ludlow; 18. Externalism and memory Anthony Brueckner; 19. Self-knowledge and closure Sven Bernecker; 20. Self-knowledge and memory Tyler Burge.
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