Beyond Technical Analysis: How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System

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A technical analysis classic, newly updated to help traders develop and forward-test a high-performance trading system for today's markets In trading, a winning system is everything. While it is theoretically possible to buy a "canned" trading system, most experts agree that the best system is proprietary to each trader--developed, implemented, and tested by the individual to suit his or her exact requirements. A stimulating mix of cutting-edge techniques, timeless principles, and practical guidelines, this updated edition of a technical analysis classic offers traders a comprehensive methodology to develop and implement your own trading system, bridging the gap between analysis and execution. Tushar Chande (Pittsburgh, PA) holds nine U.S. patents for creative solutions to flexible manufacturing problems using high-power lasers and optical fibers. A contributing editor to Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, he has been a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and is the principal author of The New Technical Trader (0-471-59780-5) (Wiley).


Developing and Implementing Trading Systems.
Principles of Trading System Design.
Foundations of System Design.
Developing New Trading Systems.
Developing Trading System Variations.
Equity Curve Analysis.
Ideas for Money Management.
Data Scrambling.
A System for Trading.
Selected Bibliography.


TUSHAR S. CHANDE, PhD, is President of LongView Capital Management, LLC, of West Des Moines, Iowa, and a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. He holds nine U.S. patents and is internationally recognized as an innovator in technical analysis. He is also the principal author of The New Technical Trader (Wiley).
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