Project Management for Energy Efficient Houses in Mongolian Climate

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The subject of my book is detailed analyses and studies, which is covered by a compendium of advantages of energy efficient houses, construction alternative materials on construction market and all prospects of economics and project management complexly together for Mongolian continental climatic situation. The high energy consumption and climate change due to globe warming are being big challenges to human being's development. Therefore today Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources are very important professional topic of human life. Energy Efficiency issue is proving to be one of Strategic Aspects of State Economy, which affects Energy Policy and Energy Market. Energy Efficient Housing is scientific new approach and technologically new solutions and methods, which impacts people's living environment and money savings.


Mr. Turbold.B was born in 1971 in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia. He had graduated Slovak Technical University as a civil engineer, and Czech Technical University as PhD. He has been studying on energy efficient housing from 2003 as the lecturer in Civil Engineering School, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, national engineer at UNDP project.
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