Boys and Literacy

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In recent years the issue of boys and literacy, namely that they are worse at it compared to girls, has become a key area of interest to all those concerned with the education of our children. This book highlights the key factors causing this divide and discusses the implementation of new strategies to overcome it, which have been the result of extensive qualitative research made by the author. Trisha Maynard reports case study findings of a primary school whose staff wanted to explore and improve boys' attitudes towards and attainment in literacy, and in particular their difficulties with writing.The book highlights issues concerning the reading and writing of stories, what teachers understand by 'good story writing' and the importance of teachers exploring boys' and girls' difficulties with literacy by themselves. It provides significant insight into boys' difficulties with writing as well as informing teachers how to find out about children's attainment.


Part One: Setting the Scene 1. The Context: A Problem of Gender 2. Gender Differences and their Impact on Reading and Writing 3. The Project: Methods and Issues Part Two: Complications 4. Teachers' Perceptions of Boys, Girls and the Teaching of Literacy: 'It's the Way they Tell Them' 5. Taking a Closer Look 6. Children Talking about Literacy: Out of the Mouths of Babes 7. So Where Do We Go From Here? Part Three: Towards a Resolution? 8. Looking Back: Exploring the Boys and Literacy Issue
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