Promoting Evidence-Based Practice in Early Childhood Education: Research and Its Implications

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August 2001



This series is aimed particularly at early years practitioners, trainers and researchers, with the intention of providing discussions of some of the most recent and relevant research findings, in order to foster evidence-based practice in the rapidly expanding field of early childhood education and care. The contributions to the texts come from internationally renowned writers with experience and expertise in practical as well as academic settings, who are able to offer critical analyses of the research findings they present. The series focuses mainly on the years from birth to six and the research themes reviewed range from those with policy level and macro-issues foci to 'intra-child' questions. Overall, the series explores different perspectives, viewing research issues concerning within-child differences in their contexts, and acknowledging the impact of cultural expectations and constructions of childhood in our complex and diverse global society.


"The purpose of this publication was to provide a reflective tool for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. This is a tough agenda, but one that I believe [has] been achieved. There is much int his volume to provide food for thought for all those with practical, political and academic responsibilities towards young children and their families across the world." Angela Anning, British Educational Research Journal, Vol. 30, No. 3, June 2004.
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