Shiatsu for Midwives

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Juni 2003



This book provides an in-depth guide to how shiatsu can form part of modern maternity care. Based on traditional Chinese and Japanese approaches to health, shiatsu can be used to alleviate many of the chronic symptoms of pregnancy such as backache, insomnia and morning sickness. It can also help during labour and birth, as well as relieve postnatal problems such as heavy postpartum bleeding or difficulties with lactation. A shiatsu treatment simply encourages the body to balance its own natural energy by gentle stimulation of its energy pathways, the meridians - the same pathways used in acupuncture. The age-old midwifery skills of touching and stroking are an intrinsic part of nurturing and cherishing - the essence of 'being with woman'. Shiatsu takes this simple healing technique one stage further. You will find tips on how to use core midwifery skills of touch, gentle pressure and massage in a more systematic and focused way. The authors also discuss the actions necessary to establish its use in a maternity unit, including training and professional issues. Suzanne Yates is the leading shiatsu teacher world-wide to have made maternity work her main focus. She has been working with midwives and pregnant women for the last 13 years and developed a course of applied shiatsu for midwives that fulfils NMC requirements for training. Tricia Anderson, midwife lecturer and supervisor and past editor of Practising Midwife, has collaborated with her to ensure the content is appropriate to midwives' Code of Practice. This is a key text for anyone wishing to explore this new area.


Foreword by Tricia Anderson, preface, introduction, Section 1: Professional Issues, Section 2: Yin and Yang - applying eastern theory to midwifery, Section 3: Hands on shiatsu - practical applications, Section 4: How can shiatsu help midwives?, appendices: glossary of Japanese terms, research references, contact lists for training.


Suzanne Yates ist Pionierin auf dem Gebiet des Shiatsu in der Schwangerschaft und arbeitet seit 1989 auf diesem Gebiet.Sie kooperiert mit Hebammen und bildet diese in Shiatsu speziell für die Betreuung von Schwangeren aus.Sie unterrichtet in England und anderen Ländern in Europa, engagiert sich aktiv in England für die Integration komplementärer Verfahren in der Geburtsvorbereitung und leitet Studien zu diesem Thema.Die Autorin hat den Text in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Hebamme (Tricia Anderson) verfasst, sodass auch alle schulmedizinischen Aspekte berücksichtigt sind.


"This book is the most thorough and helpful book on Shiatsu for pregnancy, labour and the early post-natal period. The ideas are both original and tried and tested. The photos are of high standard and the text is clear and well designed." "Tamsin Grainger", Shiatsu Society News, March 2004
book covers both the theory and practice of using shiatsu. It looks at professional issues surrounding the incorporation of shiatsu into safe practice, concentrates on the practical application of shiatsu techniques in maternity care and provides ideas for adapting techniquesto enable self-healing for the midwife""Today's Therapist
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