Report Writing in Business

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Report writing is an essential part of business life and if you can effectively communicate your ideas you are likely to reap the rewards.
This new edition, extensively rewritten and updated, aims to provide you with a comprehensive, clear, brief and relevant set of guidelines for writing effective reports.
The key to effective report writing is to be able to communicate a message in a way that enables the reader to understand it in exactly the way it was intended. To achieve this the writer needs to be able to produce information in a clear, concise and readable way to deliver a message without the danger of ambiguity or misinterpretation. Guidance and examples are given.
This book is aimed at business managers as well as students of management who need to write reports for distribution within their organisations.
Reading this book will present you with the knowledge to modify your own personal report style and approach.
This new edition has been extensively rewritten and updated
Provides you with a comprehensive, clear, brief and relevant set of guidelines for writing effective reports
Will give you the knowledge to develop your own report style and approach


Part 1 - Communicating Effectively: Principles of Good Communication; Signals and Messages; Barriers to Communication; Part 2 - Writing Report: Objectives of Report Writing; The Approach; Content; Form; Numbering; Production; PCs and Report Writing; Distribution and Follow up; Part 3 - Presenting Facts and Opinions: The Importance of Relevance; Numerical Presentation; Presentation Styles; Presentation Pitfalls; Conclusion; Examples; Bibliography; Index.
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