The Saxophone Intonation Workbook

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Juni 2006



Trent Kynaston's Saxophone Intonation Workbook is a thorough, organized approach to approaching saxophone intonation. Basic concepts of embouchure and breathing, understanding the role of your equipment, and developing voicing techniques are all explored. Included is a tuning CD with numerous exercises along with additional scale and arpeggio studies. This is a must for all developing saxophonists.


The Embouchure - Mouthpiece Placement - The Tongue - Breathing - Proper and Effective Use of Air - Playing with the Mouthpiece Alone - Intonation - Mouthpieces - Ligatures - The Anatomy of a Reed - Reed Preparation - Developing Your Sound - Overtone Exercises - Scale Articulation Chart - Scales and Arpeggios
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Untertitel: Saxophon. Lehrbuch mit CD. Lehrbuch mit CD (Rückendrahtheftung). Sprache: Englisch.
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