Global Corruption Report 2005: Special Focus: Corruption in Construction and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

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März 2005



Identifies today's most pressing issues in the fight against corruption worldwide.


Founded in 1993, Transparency International is an international non-governmental organisation based in Berlin, Germany, with national offices in close to 90 countries worldwide. Transparency International is politically non-partisan. Its mission is to build anti-corruption coalitions that embrace governments, the private sector and civil society. It is the only global movement dedicated solely to curbing corruption, increasing government accountability and improving transparency in business transactions.


The Global Corruption Report is the first attempt by any organisation to map the global fight against corruption. A kind of travel-guide to the jungle of various standards and practices in different world regions. -- Guardian There can be little doubt that Transparency International is performing an essential function. -- The Times Higher Education Supplement The Global Corruption Report...makes very compelling reading for anyone interested in ethical standards in international politics and business. -- 4 TI has once again shown its ability to combine research and policy analysis not just to shine a light on the deeply embedded problems of corruption in the international construction industry, but to propose progressive solutions to safeguard public monies and public trust. -- World Bank President James Wolfensohn
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