The Politics of the Global Oil Industry: An Introduction

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September 2005



The petroleum industry is among the most lucrative and most important in the world, and its impact within the realm of international politics is tremendous (although it can be overstated). Taking a well-balanced and objective approach to the complicated web of political and economic threads that make up the fabric of the oil industry, Falola and Genova introduce the most salient aspects in clear language, offering cogent and up-to-date information about the countries, companies, international organizations, and people who shape the contemporary history of the "black gold."


Preface; Abbreviations; The Players: Essentials of Oil; The Oil Companies; The Oil-Producing Nations; OPEC and International Oil Organizations; The Issues: International Relations; Environmental Concerns; Human Rights; Economic Development; Oil Politics and Its Global Impact; Country Case Studies: Iraq; Mexico; Nigeria; Norway; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Venezuela; Bibliography; About the Authors; Notes; Index.


TOYIN FALOLA is the Frances Higginbothom Nalle Centennial Professor of History at the University of Texas, Austin. ANN GENOVA is a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin.


"[T]his book is accessible to students and lay readers. Another strength is the authors' demonstrable familiarity with and insight into the political impact of oil in various countries....[a] ready reference work for readers not conversant with the conventional highlights of global oil politics." - HISTORY
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