Practical Grey-box Process Identification

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PThis book reviews the theoretical fundamentals of grey-box identification and puts the spotlight on MoCaVa, a MATLAB-compatible software tool, for facilitating the procedure of effective grey-box identification. It demonstrates the application of MoCaVa using two case studies drawn from the paper and steel industries. In addition, the book answers common questions which will help in building accurate models for systems with unknown inputs./P


Theory of Grey-box Process Identification.- Prospects and Problems.- The MoCaVa Solution.- Tutorial on MoCaVa.- Preparations.- Calibration.- Some Modelling Support.- Case Studies.- Rinsing of the Steel Strip in a Rolling Mill.- Quality Prediction in a Cardboard Making Process.


Professor (emeritus) Torsten Bohlin has been employed in the following capacities:
1963 - 1971 at the IBM Nordic Laboratories as Research Engeneer working with computerized industrial process ontrol.1971 appointed (by the king) Professor of the chair of Automatic Control at Linkoeping Technical Institute.1972 - 1996 Professor in Automatic Control at the Royal Institute of Tecknology (KTH) in Stockholm.1972 - 1988 Head of the Department of Automatic Control,Member of the board of the school of Technical Physics, and Member of the faculty of KTH.Member of the Swedish IFAC comittee, TFF (national), and IEEEReviewer 66 times

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