Best Practice in Inventory Management

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Good management of inventory enables companies to improve their customer service, cash flow and profitability. This book outlines the basic techniques, how and where to apply them, and provides advice to ensure they work to produce the desired effect in practice. It also shows how inventory management techniques can be used in various situations.


The basis of inventory control; Customer service; Managing the inventory; Just in time management; Organization and management; Safety stocks; Setting the right stock levels; The changing role of purchasing; Forecasting demand; Historical forecasting techniques; Advanced forecasting methods; Material requirements planning - an alternative to forecasting; The future - inventory and logistics


Tony Wild has spend a great deal of time solving real inventory issues for businesses in a variety of industries from aerospace to retail consumables, automotive to process chemicals. The result of this work has led Tony to produce and refine this book so that others can avoid some of the pitfalls. From an academic start (B.Sc, M.Sc. Ph D), and a manufacturing and warehousing career in production control and materials management, Tony has specialised in this challenging field. He is Managing Director of Midas Consultants, who are leading experts in inventory management.
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