The Invention of Race

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One of the most startlingly original and provocatively radical scholars currently engaged in the study of culture and the concept of race.


Introduction. 1. Racist Discourse and the Negro-Ape Metaphor. 2. Slavery, Modernity and the Reclamation of Anterior Cultures. 3. Frederick Douglass on the Myth of the Black Rapist. 4. Du Bois on the Invention of Race. 5. Black Consciousness in the Art of Sargent Johnson. 6. Black Vernacular Representation and Cultural Malpractice. 7. Marooned in America: Black Urban Youth Culture and Social Pathology. 8. Black Marxist in Babylon: Bayard Rustin and the 1968 UFT Strike. 9. A No-Theory Theory of Contemporary Black Cinema. 10. Prime Time Blackness. Notes Bibliography Index


Tommy Lott is Professor of Philosophy at San Jose State University. He is editor of "Subjugation and Bondage: Critical Essays on Slavery and Social Philosophy" (1998), co-editor with John Pittman of Blackwell's forthcoming "Companion to African-American Philosophy, " and author of "Like Rum in the Punch: Alain Locke and the Theory of African American Culture, " also forthcoming, as well as numerous articles.
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