Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell: A Power User's Quick Reference

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With most of the books currently on the market for Outlook 2000 falling into the instant-learn, limited-scope "Dummies" category, the need for an up-to-date and comprehensive reference book such as Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell is high. This book is for typical Nutshell readers: sophisticated computer users who need a comprehensive, functional reference to the product.
Outlook is much more than just an email client. It is a powerful and versatile program that includes contact, calendar, notes, task, and journal tools all tightly integrated to give users quick access to vital information and fast, easy ways to share that information. You can arrange virtual conferences with NetMeeting, send Office documents through Outlook Mail, and save calendars as web pages and publish them to the Web.
Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell is organized intuitively, beginning with a program overview examining Outlook's interface and structure along with setup and installation issues. The chapter on program insights delves deeper into the program, looking at data structures, forms, and categories. The second part of the book drills down into Outlook's individual components and their associated commands, and the last section covers some sophisticated connectivity and collaboration issues as well as file management and encryption. There are also some special sections devoted to working with VBA, using Outlook as an Exchange client, and exploring how Outlook works with Palm devices.
This book covers:
* Program data structures, forms, and views
* Adaptive menus and toolbars
* Outlook's component interaction
* Connectivity and collaboration tools
* Importing and exporting
* Working with VBA
* Outlook as an Exchange client
The authors worked extensively with Microsoft engineers on the alpha/beta releases of Outlook 98, and bring to the book a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have provided a comprehensive task index, designed to speed up the process of locating important information as well as tips and tricks about the program.
Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell is a must-read for any user who wants to get as much out of this software as possible without wasting time weeding through hundreds of pages of useless information.


Preface. Part 1. The Big Picture.
Chapter 1. Outlook "in a Nutshell" Mail Calendar Contacts Tasks Notes Journal.
Chapter 2. Installing Outlook Installation Overview Configuring IMO Outlook Configuring CW Outlook Reconfiguring an Installed Service Option Outlook's Startup Options When Things Go Bump in the Night.
Chapter 3. Program Insights Outlook Information Stores Address Books Forms A Primer on Views and Print Styles The Power of Categories Finding Your Stuff Organize Getting Help.
Chapter 4. Outlook's Navigation Tools Adaptive Menus and Toolbars The Customize Dialog Customizing Menus Context Menus Toolbars The Outlook Bar and Folder Tree.
Chapter 5. Mail Editors Mail Editor Choices Three Ways to Send Email Unsolicited Advice Default Message Options Using Outlook's Editors. Part 2. Menu Reference.
Chapter 6. Mail Mail > Actions Menu Mail > Tools Menu Mail > Edit Menu Mail > View Menu.
Chapter 7. Calendar Calendar's Option Settings Calendar's Date Navigator Calendar > Actions Menu Calendar View Options Calendar > View Menu.
Chapter 8. Contacts Contacts > Actions Menu Contacts > View Menu.
Chapter 9. Tasks Tasks > Actions Menu Tasks > View Menu.
Chapter 10. Notes Notes > Actions Menu Notes > View Menu Working with Notes.
Chapter 11. Journal Journal Options Journal > Actions Menu Journal > View Menu Journal's Context Menus. Part 3. Beyond the Basics.
Chapter 12. Import and Export Field Mapping Importing Data Exporting Data Import/Export: Not Just for File Transfer.
Chapter 13. File Management Archive and Backup File and Folder Management 101 Using the Inbox Repair Tool Using Multiple PSTs File Management Synopsis.
Chapter 14. Collaborating with Outlook Net Folders Internet Free/Busy.
Chapter 15. Security and Encryption A Primer on Encryption Sending and Receiving Signed Messages.
Chapter 16. Outlook and the Palm Installation and Setup Fields, Folders, and the Palm Synchronizing the Palm and Outlook.
Chapter 17. Outlook and Exchange Storage Locations Sharing Information Under Exchange Out of Office Replies Recalling Messages Troubleshooting.
Chapter 18. Working with VBA What Is VBA? A VBA Language Primer The Outlook Object Model The VBA Editor in Outlook Code Examples Part 4. Appendixes.
Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix B. Registry Keys
Appendix C. Command-Line Switches
Appendix D. Tip Reference Index


Bo Leuf has been an independent consultant in the computing sector for
more than 20 years, responsible for several major software development
and localization projects. He is currently a freelance consultant
dealing extensively with software documentation, translation, and
design-team training issues.
Tom Syroid lives in Saskatoon, Canada, and spends his days
working as a systems consultant and freelance writer. He specializes
in small business networking, NT Server administration, and training
users how to avoid crashing Microsoft Office. Current topics of focus
include knowledge management, collaboration platforms, and exploring
the nuances of IBM's AIX operating system. In those rare moments when
Tom's not writing something, you'll find him chasing his 10-month old
son around the house, doing crafts with his daughter, or enjoying a
quiet summer evening on the back porch with his wife Leah. You can
contact Tom via email or
through his web
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