Learning to Read: Beyond Phonics and Whole Language

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November 1998



The authors provide a much-needed, balanced analysis of both traditional and progressive approaches. Featuring leading-edge research and a global perspective, the text covers such controversial topics as: literacy and social background, phonemic awareness, self-discovery of letter-sound relations, the use of text structure for comprehension, and the effects of contrasting teaching approaches. The student-friendly text includes preview questions, chapter reviews, and study questions.


The Processes of Learning Word Identification, G. Brian Thompson; Learning and Teaching Phonological Awareness, Jillian M. Castle; Teaching Strategies for Word Identification, William E. Turner and James Chapman; The Influence of Instructional Approaches on Reading Procedures, Vincent Connelly et al; Reading Comprehension Processes, Tom Nicholson; Proficient Word Identification for Comprehension, Tom Nicholson and Annette Tan; Learning About Text Structure, Susan J. Dymock; Literature for Children, Joan Gibbons; Engaging in Recreational Reading, Deborah A.M. Widdowson et al; Learning to Evaluate Literature, Chanda K. Pinset.
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Untertitel: 'Language and Literacy (Hardcov'. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: November 1998
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