Global Matrix: Nationalism, Globalism and State-Terrorism

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März 2005



Leading scholars explore the cultural politics of globalisation, nationalism and violence.


Preface; 1. Introduction: Mapping Nationalism and Globalism; Part I. Rethinking Globalism and Globalization; 2. Global Enchantment: A Matrix of Ideologies; 3. Global Trajectories: America and the Unchosen; 4. Global Tensions: A Clash of Social Formations; Part II. Debating Civic and Post-Nationalism; 5. Fetishized Nationalism? (Joan Cocks); 6. Ambiguous Nationalism: A Reply to Joan Cocks; 7. Dark Nationalism or Transparent Postnationalism? Part III. Reflecting on Old and New Nations; 8. Ukania: The Rise of the 'Annual Report' Society; 9. Australia: Anti-Politics for a Passive Federation; 10. Late Britain: Disorientations from Down Under; 11. North America: The Misfortunes and 'Death' of Ethnicity; 12. Central Asia: Continuities and Discontinuities; Part IV. Confronting Terror and Violence; 13. Democracy and the Shadow of Genocide; 14. Nationalism and the Crucible of Modern Totalitarianism; 15. Control and the Projection of a Totalizing War-Machine; 16. Terrorism and the Opening of Black Pluto's Door; 17. Meta-War and the Insecurity of the United States; 18. Post-2001 and the Third Coming of Nationalism; References; Index
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