Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds

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Build games with techniques and insights from a pro. Author and game developer Tom Meigs shows you the finer points of world building and behavior scripting. Learn about level stubbing, lighting, prop and item placement, camera tricks, particle and effects systems, communication loops, Massively Multiplayer Online Games, and much more.


<H3> 1: Previsualization<H3> 2: Level Planning and Building<H3> 3: Lighting, Texturing, Particles, Effects, and Audio<H3> 4: Actors, Props, Items, and Camera Details<H3> 5: Design by Genre<H3> 6: Scripting Action Events<H3> 7: Quality Assurance and Play-Test Feedback<H3> 8: Design Considerations for Massively Multiplayer Online Games<H3> 9: Cell Phones and Wireless Gaming<H3> 10: Getting Started in Game Development<H3> 11: Game Development Career Choices<H3> A: Reference Information<H3> B: Tools Discussed<H3> C: Career Guideline Worksheet<H3> D: Quick Topic Summary for Designers<H3> E: Ultimate Baseball Online Gallery


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