Walking in Hungary

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Every nation projects an image of its landscape to the outside world and the image of Hungary is its Great Plain. As a result most visitors are unaware of Hungary's secret highland landscape of rolling hills, high karst meadows, vineyards, sink-holes, crags, thirteenth-century castle ruins and forest villages. Hungary's volcanic mountains and limestone plateaux stretch in a chain from the Slovakian border in the north-east to central-west and southern Hungary. Hundreds of tracks and trails zig-zag the highlands, which were once used by the Roman legions, miners, Turkish janissaries, pillaging Hussites, herders, beekeepers, charcoal-burners and foundry workers.These ancient trails are now a network of walking paths with a system of coloured waymarks first set up in the late nineteenth century. The book guides the reader around the best of these routes and includes invaluable information about accommodation in rural Hungary, public transport and the little forest trains. Apart from giving an insight into the history and geology, the guide attempts to supply tips on how to survive in the countryside and includes useful words and phrases and a glossary of Hungarian topographical terms to aid map interpretation.


WALKS IN NORTHERN HUNGARY The Aggtelek Walk 1 - Josvafo-Aggtelek Circuit Walk 2 - Josvafo to Bodvaszilas Walk 3 - Tornanadaska to Szogliget

The Borzsony Walk 4 - Kiralyret and Csovanyos Walk 5 - Nagy-Mana Ridge Walk 6 - Nagy-Hideg-hegy to Kemence Walk 7 - Kiralyhaza to Diosjeno Walk 8 - Dregelypalank to Diosjeno

The Bukk Walk 9 - The High Bukk: Szilvasvarad to Repashuta Walk 10 - The High Bukk: Lillafured to Repashuta Walk 11 - The Beehive Stones: Eger to Cserepvaralja

The Matra Walk 12 - Matrahaza to Matraszentistvan Walk 13 - agasvar and Csorgo-patak Walk 14 - The Matra ridge way (east section)

The Zemplen Walk 15 - Nagy-Milic and Fuzer Castle Walk 16 - Hollohaza to Fuzer Walk 17 - Rostallo to Mogyoroska Walk 18 - Telkibanya to Regec Walk 19 - Mogyoroska to Boldogkovaralja

WALKS IN TRANSDANUBIA The Bakony Walk 20 - Cuha Valley Walk 21 - ordog-arok

The Balaton Uplands Walk 22 - Kuruc-korut Walk 23 - Badacsony to Szigliget Walk 24 - Gyulakeszi to Koveskal

The Buda Hills
The Mecsek Walk 25 - Magyaregregy to obanya Walk 26 - obanya Circuit (via Reka-var) Walk 27 - Kisujbanya to Varalja Walk 28 - Jakab-hegy

The Pilis and Visegrad hills Walk 29 - Dobogoko Circuit Walk 30 - Pilisszanto Circuit Walk 31 - Nagy-Kevely Walk 32 - Szent Laszlo Valley and Visegrad Fortress

The Vertes Walk 33 - Southern Vertes Escarpment Walk 34 - Szarliget to Vargesztes


Tom Chrystal was born in Huntly, north-east Scotland, and began walking in the eastern Grampians of his native Aberdeenshire. He has walked in over 30 mountain and wilderness areas in 15 countries. Beata Dosa was born in Mezkovesd in north-east Hungary and is a freelance interpreter and translator. She has enjoyed walking throughout her life.
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