Adobe Acrobat and PDF for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

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April 2006



"Acrobat® and PDF for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction" is a practical guide focusing on the applications of PDF in the solution of "engineering" problems which may arise in various disciplines from architecture to construction. Using real-world examples, the authors follow a project from design through build and long-term maintenance.Readers can take full advantage of the power of PDF in an engineering environment by employing: review tracking; geo-referenced drawings; common format CAD and configuration management; reduced review and approval time with better document control; and project management advice. Chapter summaries, example and sample projects followed throughout the book demonstrating the use of the various PDF capabilities introduced and end-of-chapter exercises facilitate self-teaching.For professionals of all walks of life from electrical, civil and mechanical engineers to architects and construction managers with levels of expertise ranging from the intermediate to advanced.


The AEC Workflow.
Overview of Adobe Acrobat 7.
Creating Package Components from Documents.
Creating Other Package Components.
Converting AEC File Formats.
Assembling the Package.
Modifying Content in the Package.
Adding Navigation to the Package.
Using Acrobat Forms and Databases - Lyn Price.
Commenting and Reviewing.
Using Other Features and Functions.
PDF Mapping - Michael Bufkin.
Acrobat for AEC Knowledge Management.
Putting It All Together.


Tom Carson is a Professional Engineer Registered in several US states. He has a MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with an emphasis on Solid and Hazardous Waste. His 20+ year career specialized in the management of Hazardous Materials and Waste. He was co-editor of the Handbook on Hazardous Materials Management and was instrumental in the early development of the Certified Hazardous Materials Management Certification. Mr. Carson is also a consultant to the US Army and Airforce giving advice on the use of Acrobat in project management, training and engineering management and to various hospitals and industries on facility and records management with Acrobat.
Tom Carson is very happy to do web presentations to academics, trainers and anyone else in support of the marketing of this book.
Donna L. Baker is an author, graphic designer, and instructor. She has been a writer and contributing editor for an online magazine since 1998, writing 10-11 graphics articles per year. She is the author of several books, including a number of Acrobat titles. She facilitates courses through Education to Go, including both their Adobe Premiere and Adobe Acrobat courses. Donna lectures, and conducts workshops on Acrobat. A number of tutorials in her areas of interest are available on her website at
Carson and Baker are the co-authors of: Baker and Carson, Adobe Acrobat 6: The Professional User's Guide (A-Press, 1-59059-232-8, 2004, 510 pp, SC). Donna Baker has written several books of a similar nature about Acrobat and other software.

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