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August 2008



Virgin CEO Richard Branson is Britain's favorite businessman, a brand in himself. But is he a buccaneering balloonist or a devious, single-minded profiteer? Here, in Tom Bower's sensational biography, is the full story of the Virgin man: his friendships, his ambitions, his drug-taking, law-breaking, and steam-rolling tactics. It is a tale of greed, ambition, and ruthless self-creation. Tom Bower is a respected investigative journalist; among his previous books are "Fayed, Maxwell: The Outsider, Nazi Gold, "and the definitive biography of Klaus Barbie.


Tom Bower has a distinguished reputation as an investigative historian, broadcaster and journalist and is the author of several ground-breaking books about tycoons. His most recent works are 'Conrad and Lady Black', 'The Squeeze' and his biographies of Simon Cowell and Bernie Ecclestone. Among his other much-debated biographies are those of Mohammed Fayed, Richard Branson and Robert Maxwell.


Praise for 'Branson': 'An addictive read, packed with sex, money, tantrums - top quality.' Guardian 'One of the most devastating books of the explosive book. Bower reveals a remarkable and sinister picture of the man who likes to appear as the ever-smiling hero.' Daily Mail 'Bower's book is a devastating indictment.' Sunday Times 'A damning biography...startling accusations.' Daily Express
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