Zaha Hadid

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September 2006



Zaha Hadid's highly inventive and seemingly unbuildable designs have defied conventional ideas of architectural space and construction. The BMW Central Building in Leipzig, Germany is no exception. It is the heart of the BMW factory complex-the dynamic focal point of the entire plant that visually, physically, and experientially sustains a sense of animation and motion. With an audacious and abstracted geometry of forms and lines, the BMW Central Building challenges the notion of building as static and is definitive evidence of architecture as art. Zaha Hadid/BMW Central Building, the seventh volume in the Source Books in Architecture series, provides a comprehensive look at this instant modern masterpiece.


Todd Gannon is an architect, teacher, and writer based in Los Angeles. He has taught architectural theory and design at the Knowlton School of Architecture and Otis College of Design.

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Untertitel: BMW Central Building, Leipzig, Germany. 'Source Books in Architecture'. 228 illus. , 164 in color. Sprache: Englisch.
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