Work and Family

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September 1999



This book addresses key issues regarding the nexus of work and family in society at the beginning of the 21st century. For many families, the "balancing act" brings rewards as well as concerns. Employers and governments struggle with whether and how to assist in achieving balance. The work presents original research that addresses the challenges in meeting work and family obligations. Each chapter provides policy recommendations that many help achieve better work-family balance, changes in work-family attitudes, conditions leading to firms' adopting policies to support work-family balance, and studies of child outcomes in dual earner families.


List of contributors. Introduction: work and family (T.L. Parcel). Parental work, family size and social capital effects on early adolescent educational outcomes: the United States and Great Britain compared (M.A. Powell, T.L. Parcel). Parental work in middle childhood: links between employment and the division of housework, parent-child activities, and parental monitoring (A.C. Crouter et al.). The balancing act: young women's expectations and experiences of work and family (P. Aronson). Sources of convergence and divergence in attitudes about work and family roles among women (M. Kozimor-King, K.T. Leicht). Having it all: overall work/life success in two-earner families (P. Moen, Yan Yu).
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