New Views on an Old Planet

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Oktober 1994



In this new revised edition of his award-winning book on the Earth's history, Professor van Andel updates and expands his earlier text, drawing on a wealth of new knowledge that has become available in the last decade. This book examines the major changes in the Earth's history - the evolution of the solid Earth, the changing oceans and atmospheres and the progression of life - to render a historical account of the Earth's evolution. Much new knowledge has been gained in the last decade, and while little material has been deleted, this new edition has grown to cover the key topics, including a chapter on how we can improve our grasp on geological time. Mindful of the current interest in global change, new sections describe the green-house effect and address its possible future ramifications. In prose that is both concise and compelling, New Views on an Old Planet: A History of Global Change makes Earth history appealing to the general reader. It will serve as an excellent text for introductory courses in the earth and environmental sciences.


Part I. Foundations: 1. Reading the record of the rocks; 2. Perspective on time; Part II. Climate Past and Present: The Ice Age: 3. Climate and climate change; 4. Portrait of an ice age; 5. Explaining glaciations; Part III. Drifting Continents, Rising Mountains: 6. Continental drift and plate tectonics; 7. Continental breakup and continental drift; 8. Converging plates and colliding continents; Part IV. Changing Oceans, Changing Climates: 9. The sea comes in, the sea goes out; 10. Other times and other oceans; 11. Onward to the ice age; 12. A matter of rhythm; Part V. The Four-Billion-Year Childhood: 13. Birth of the solid earth; 14. Water for the sea, air for the atmosphere; 15, The dawn of life; Part VI. Life, Time and Change: 16. Beyond Darwin; 17. Bones of our ancestors; 18. Evolution and environment; 19. Crises and catastrophes.


Review from 1st edition 'Professor van Andel writes in a very clear concise style, conveying ideas by use of clever and original analogies, frequently injected with a little humour whenever things start to become a bit too abstruse.' Modern Geology
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