Gender, Water and Development

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August 2005




Water, Gender and Development: An Introduction: Tina Wallace, University of Oxford and Anne Coles, University of Oxford

Taking the Waters: Cosmology, Gender and Material Culture in the Appropriation of Water Resources--Veronica Strang is Professor of Social Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland.

The Role of Water in an Unequal Social Order in India--Deepa Joshi, Southampton University, and Ben Fawcett, University of Southampton

Naked Power: Women and the Social Production of Water in Anglophone Cameroon--Ben Page, University College London

Water Supply, Social Relations, Ethnicity and Livelihoods in central Sudan-Anne Coles, University of Oxford

Gender Mainstreaming in the Water Sector in Nepal: A Real Commitment or a Token?-Shibesh Regmi, Director, Actionaid, Nepal

The Challenge to Internations NGOs of Incorporating Gender
Tina Wallace, University of Oxford, and Pauline Wilson, freelance consultant to the NGO sector

Misunderstanding Gender in Water-Addressing or Reproducing Exclusion-Deepa Joshi, University of Southampton

Enabling Women to Participate in African Smallholder Irrigation Development and Design--Felicity Chancellor, Formerly Hydraulics Research, Oxon

Water and AIDS: Problems Associated with the Home Based Care of AIDS Patients on a Rural Area of Northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa--Anne Hutchings, University of Zululand and Gina Buijis, University of Zululand

Gender and Poverty Approach in Practice: Lessons Learned in Nepal
Umesh Pandy, NEWAH, Nepal , and Michelle Moffat, NEWAH, Nepal

Easier to Say, Harder to Do-Gender, Equity and Water-Sarah House, Chartered Civil Engineer, currently working as a Freelance Water / Public Health Engineer.


Anne Coles is Research Associate, International Gender Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. Tina Wallace is Research Associate, International Gender Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. Senior Research Fellow, School of Business, Oxford Brookes.
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