Genrefied Classics: A Guide to Reading Interests in Classic Literature a Guide to Reading Interests in Classic Literature

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Dezember 2006



Re-discover the classics--and help readers do the same! The Count of Monte Cristo is a rip-roaring adventure. Pride and Prejudice is an endearing romance. Howard Fast's April Morning is fascinating historical fiction and a moving war story. The list goes on. The trick is to find the right book for the reader. Frolund's guide can help. By identifying the genre characteristics of more than 400 classic fiction works, and organizing titles according to those features, it helps readers find the types of books they enjoy; and it helps you promote classics to teen (and adult!) readers. Includes information on hundreds film and audio versions, and other adaptations, a chronology, and a grade level index. Grade 9 through adult.


TINA FROLUND is an Outreach Librarian with the Las Vegas Clark County Library District, Nevada. She has worked as a Young Adult Librarian and Children's Librarian, and is a former academic reference librarian and film script supervisor.


"This book will serve as a resource for those interested in a great books reading experience and is likely to be particularly useful for homeschoolers. School library media specialists at middle and high school needing a resource for classic titles suitable for classroom use will find this meets their needs...."Genrefied ClassicS" is recommended for school and public libraries." - Booklist/RA Corner
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