Electronic CAD Frameworks

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Juni 1992



When it comes to frameworks, the familiar story of the elephant and the six blind philosophers seems to apply. As each philoso­ pher encountered a separate part of the elephant, each pronounced his considered, but flawed judgement. One blind philosopher felt a leg and thought it a tree. Another felt the tail and thought he held a rope. Another felt the elephant's flank and thought he stood before a wall. We're supposed to learn about snap judgements from this alle­ gory, but its author might well have been describing design automation frameworks. For in the reality of today's product development requirements, a framework must be many things to many people. xiv CAD Frameworks: Integration Technology for CAD As the authors of this book note, framework design is an optimi­ zation problem. Somehow, it has to be both a superior rope for one and a tremendous tree for another. Somehow it needs to provide a standard environment for exploiting the full potential of computer-aided engineering tools. And, somehow, it has to make real such abstractions as interoperability and interchangeability. For years, we've talked about a framework as something that provides application-oriented services, just as an operating system provides system-level support. And for years, that simple statement has hid the tremendous complexity of actually providing those services.


1. Introduction.
2. Major Components of an Engineering Framework.
3. Data Representation.
4. Data Management.
5. Tool Management.
6. Design Flow Management.
7. User Interfaces.
8. Extension Languages.
9. Implementing a CAD Framework.
10. The CAD Framework Initiative.
11. Summary. References. Index.
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