Courts and Political Institutions: A Comparative View

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Januar 2008



The frontier between "law" and "politics" is not always clear-cut. Although courts are allowed to function broadly, governments and parliaments can also make independent decisions. Tim Koopmans compares the way American, British, French and German law and politics handle different issues. For example, highly "political" subjects in one country may constitute legal issues in another. Koopmans considers case law in a range of issues, including human rights protection, federalism, separation of powers, and the impact of European and international law.


Preface; Table of cases; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 2. The sovereignty of parliament; 3. Judicial review of legislation; 4. The growth of judicial power; 5. The limits of judicial review; 6. The legality of administrative action; 7. Courts and governments; 8. Courts and individual rights; 9. Techniques of judicial protection; 10. A glance at the future; Select bibliography; Index.


'... a comprehensive analysis that will interest legal and political specialists of domestic systems as well as the comparative lawyer ... helps to cast light upon a difficult constitutional conundrum.' Public Law
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