The Titanic in Myth and Memory: Representations in Visual and Literary Culture

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November 2004



Since its doomed maiden voyage in April 1912, the Titanic has become a monumental icon of the twentieth century and has inspired a wealth of interpretations across literature, art and media. This book is the first to present a fully comprehensive discussion of the diverse representations of the Titanic disaster in cinema, history, literature and art. The distinguished contributors draw out the connections as well as the differences in the way generations of artists and audiences have approached and used the tragedy and present an in-depth examination of its most recent interpretation, James Cameron's blockbuster film "Titanic." The book is both a valuable comparative text for media studies courses and a good read for the broad Titanic market.


Tim Bergfelder is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Southampton. Sarah Street is Professor of Film at the University of Bristol.


The Times: "Splendid as the Titanic was during its brief life as a transatlantic liner, it was in death that it really came into its own. As the editors of The Titanic in Myth and Memory observe: 'The Titanic has become a monumental icon of the 20th Century, and perhaps more generally of the aspirations and anxieties of modernity.' " FILM Magazine: "meticulously researched" "engrossing reading" "The film fan has been waiting a long time for this book, but tread carefully, as it can have quite an insidious impact on a working day!"
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