Neurorehabilitation Devices: Engineering Design, Measurement, and Control

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Debilitating neuromuscular disorders and traumatic brain, spinal cord or peripheral injuries have a devastating effect on those who suffer from them. Written from an engineering perspective, and based on a course taught by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Neurorehabilitation Devices first helps the designer to better understand and formulate design, measurement and control systems for biomedical devices used in the treatment and recovery of people suffering from these disorders. Just some of the topics covered in this book are: methods to allow an amputee to control a powered artificial arm by means of electrical signals generated by contractions of muscles of the residual limb in combination with motor nerve activity from peripheral nerves, as well as the development of new technologies to use electrical stimulation to treat the hyperactive bladder, to electrically induce bowel movement and defecation, and to develop methods for selective stimulation of nerve fibres.


<H3>Chapter 1: Introductory Overview of Rehabilitation Medicine<H3>Chapter 2: The Dynamics of Neurorehabilitation Devices<H3>Chapter 3: General Purpose of Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 4: Neurorehabilitation: A Case Study<H3>Chapter 5: Data Acquisition and Processing in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 6: Aspects of Neurological Disorders<H3>Chapter 7: Technology Initiatives in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 8: Anatomical Analysis of the Human Upper Limb<H3>Chapter 9: Devices and Procedures in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 10: Intelligent Knowledge-Based Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 11: Virtual Reality in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 12: Expert Systems in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 13: Telerehabilitation and Exercise<H3>Chapter 14: Kinesthetic Therapy<H3>Chapter 15: The Impact of Language, Music, and Sound in Neurorehabilitation<H3>Chapter 16: Event-Related Potentials<H4>BIBLIOGRAPHY<H4>INDEX


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