Culture and Conquest in Mongol Eurasia

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Februar 2004



Breaks new scholarly boundaries in the exploration of cultural and scientific exchanges across Mongol Eurasia.


Part I. Background: 1. Introduction; 2. Before the Mongols; Part II. Political-Economic Relations: 3. Formation of the Il-qans, 1251-65; 4. Grand Qans and Il-qans, 1265-95; 5. Continuity and change under Ghazan, 1295-1304; 6. Sultans and Grand Qans, 1304-35; 7. Economic ties; 8. Overview of the relationship; Part III. Intermediaries: 9. Marco Polo and Po-lo; 10. Qubilai and Bolad Aqa; 11. Rashid al-Din and Pulad chinksank; Part IV. Cultural Exchange: 12. Historiography; 13. Geography and cartography; 14. Agriculture; 15. Cuisine; 16. Medicine; 17. Astronomy; 18. Printing; Part V. Analysis and Conclusions: 19. Models and methods; 20. Agency; 21. Filtering; 22. Summation.


Thomas T. Allsen is Professor in the Department of History, The College of New Jersey, Ewing. His publications include Commodity and Exchange in the Mongol Empire: A Cultural History of Islamic Textiles (1997).


'The focus of this path-breaking study is the extensive exchanges between Iran and China ... is informative and erudite and promises to become a classic in the field.' The Middle East '... will occupy and entertain specialists for some time to come ...' Bulletin of the School of Oriental & African Studies 'Thomas Allsen's book is a very compact and informative account of the cultural changes which took place during the supremacy of the Mongols. Allsen is able to share with the reader his impressive knowledge of the Arabic, Persian, and Chinese sources regarding the Mongols. The cross-cultural links, their implications and their background in this highly interesting period of history are presented in a systematic manner, making the book of great value for scholars in a variety of fields.' Bibliotheca Orientalis '... this is mature scholarship at its best, and a must not only for every student of the Mongol empire, but also for cultural and world historians, historians of China and the Muslim world, and anybody interested in the ongoing exchange between East and West.' Journal of the American Oriental Society
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