The Meaning of Mind: Language, Morality, and Neuroscience

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In this brilliantly original and highly accessible work, Thomas Szasz demonstrates the futility of analyzing the mind as a collection of brain functions.This is Szasz's most ambitious work to date. In his best-selling book, The Myth of Mental Illness, he took psychiatry to task for misconstruing human conflict and coping as mental illness. In Our Right to Drugs, he exposed the irrationality and political opportunism that fuels the Drug War. In The Meaning of Mind, he warns that we misconstrue the dialogue within as a problem of consciousness and neuroscience, and do so at our own peril.


Thomas Szasz is professor emeritus of psychiatry at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Syracuse. The author of more than six hundred articles and twenty-four books, he is widely recognized as the leading critic of various coercive forms employed by the psychiatric medical establishment. His books include Law, Liberty, and Psychiatry; The Manufacture of Madness and Our Right to Drugs: The Case for a Free Market, all published by Syracuse University Press.
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