Johannes Brahms: An Annotated Bibliography of the Literature Through 1982

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September 1990



The first attempt at a comprehensive, international bibliography of literature on Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), worldwide in coverage and accessing literature written between 1848 and 1982 inclusive.


Thomas Quigley (B.Mus., MLS) is a librarian at the Public Library in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Previously he was Margit L. McCorkle's research assistant for five years on the McCorkle Brahms Thematic Catalogue Project. He has a substantial personal collection of Brahmsiana and is continually reviewing his extensive information network for notice of new materials. He has contributed articles on the Brahms literature to the Newsletter of the American Brahms Society and Fontes Artis Musicae. The American Brahms Society recently recognized Mr. Quigley's important service to their field with and award from the Karl Geringer Scholarship Fund


...excellent...well-documented and cross-referenced...enthusiastically recommended to all who are interested in Johannes Brahms and to all reference divisions of university libraries. American Reference Books Annual ...well-organized, thorough, and an invaluable aid to Brahms scholars, aficionados, teachers, and performers... Choral Journal This is the most thorough bibliography on Brahms to date...a highly organized, usable reference tool...highly recommended for upper-division undergraduate and university libraries and for public libraries with music collections. CHOICE Thomas Quigley's Brahms bibliography, which details almost 3,200 books and articles with copious cross-reference and mostly helpful annotation, is clearly the result of monumental effort, and will provide an indispensable research tool as the new epoch in Brahms studies gathers momentum. Musical Times essential research tool for all Brahms impressive achievement. Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association comprehensiveness and accuracy his effort surpasses all others...meticulous...succinct annotations... American Brahms Society Newsletter ...monumental... Fontes Artis Musicae ...this book will serve as the pre-eminent bibliographical source for Brahms... Music and Letters
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