Baal's Legacy

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Baal's Legacy is a fascinating historically accurate account of Ireland. Author Thomas Francis O'Doherty's novel approach investigates Ireland's early and tragic history from the 17th century to the present.

How did Ireland come to be? How did this magnificent and beautiful country go from the richest nation to dire poverty? O'Doherty's takes a novelistic approach to exploring how the Lord Deputy of Ireland under rule from England's King James became a greedy adversary toward destroying the pride and richness of Ireland. O'Doherty takes a look back at the foundation of Ireland including the ancient legacy of the eastern god, Baal to Ireland and proof that early inhabitants have origins with the Sun God, the so-called myth that scholars have dismissed.

O'Doherty's book debunks the blatant propaganda that exists in present novels and publications to honor the heritage of his country and the proud people who maintained their country through heroic events that dramatically shaped its culture, history and present day splendor.

Author Bio:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Thomas Francis O'Doherty is a retired architect. He grew up in England and Ireland and lives with his wife, Elizabeth in Winnipeg, Canada in winter and in east Donegal County, Ireland during the summer months. Mr. O'Doherty is an accomplished harpist and hails from a large Irish family. He has a daughter, two sons and two grandsons. He is currently working on his second novel, a fictional account of the Hudson Bay's history with the USA, England and Ireland. Baal's Legacy is his first book.
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