Minority Populations and Health: An Introduction to Health Disparities in the United States

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April 2005



"Minority Populations and Health is a textbook that offers a complete foundation in the core issues and theoretical frameworks for the development of policy and interventions to address race disparities in health-related outcomes. This book covers U.S. health and social policy, the role of race and ethnicity in health research, social factors contributing to mortality, longevity and life expectancy, quantitative and demographic analysis and access, and utilization of health services. Instructors material available at http: //


Tables and Figures. Preface. About the Author. 1. Historical Aspects of Race/Ethnicity and Health. PART ONE: CROSSCUTTING ISSUES. 2. Conceptual Issues in Race/Ethnicity and Health. 3. The Demography of American Racial/Ethnic Minorities. PART TWO: MORBIDITY, MORTALITY, AND RACIAL/ETHNIC DISPARITIES IN HEALTH. 4. The Epidemiological Profile of Racial/Ethnic Minorities. 5. Mental Health with Duane Thomas, Ph.D. 6. Health Care Services Among Racial/Ethnic Groups. PART THREE: ETIOLOGY OF RACIAL/ETHNIC DIFFERENCES IN HEALTH. 7. Theories of Racial/Ethnic Differences in Health. 8. Socioeconomic Status and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Health. 9. Behavior and Health. PART FOUR: RACIAL/ETHNIC GROUP-SPECIFIC HEALTH ISSUES. 10. African American Health Issues. 11. American Indian and Alaska Native Health Issues. 12. Asian and Pacific Islander Health Issues. 13. Hispanic/Latino Health Issues. PART FIVE: CONCLUSIONS. 14. Addressing Disparities in Health and Health Care. Appendix A: Case Studies. Appendix B: Additional Readings. References. Name Index. Subject Index.


Thomas A. LaVeist is professor of public health and founding director of the Center for Health Disparities Solutions at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


"The book is readable and organized to be quickly read with specifics readily retrievable." (JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), September 14, 2005)
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