Uncovering Heian Japan

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Literary criticism of classical Japanese poetry, focusing on the emergence of "Kokinwakashu, ' an imperial anthology of waka poetry compiled in the 9th century.


Thomas LaMarre is Professor of East Asian Studies at McGill University.


[*Note: Expecting blurb from NRB Pheng Cheah by 12/1/99.] "A vivid reading of Heian court poetry that removes the interpretative screen later imposed in the name of national identity and modernity to reveal a richly expressive world. Here calligraphy, composition, and community combine in a 'song machine' that links poetics and politics and seeks, quite literally, to calibrate the cosmos. After this book the poetry of 'old Japan' will never be the same."--Carol Gluck, Columbia University Uncovering Heian Japan by Thomas Lamarre >won the 2002 John Whitney Hall Book Prize from the Northeast Asia >Council of the Association for Asian Studies.
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