Effective Oracle by Design

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September 2003



Kyte of "Oracle Magazine"Us "Ask Tom" column has written the definitive guideto designing and building high-performance, scalable Oracle applications. Thebook covers schema design, SQL and PL/SQL, tables and indexes, and much more.


<H3> 1: The Right Approach to Building Applications <H3> 2: Your Performance Toolkit <H3> 3: Architectural Decisions <H3> 4: Effective Administration <H3> 5: Statement Processing <H3> 6: Getting the Most Out of the Cost-Based Optimizer <H3> 7: Effective Schema Design <H3> 8: Effective SQL <H3> 9: Effective PL/SQL Programming <H3> 10: So, You Had an Accident <H3> Appendix A: Setting Up and Some Scripts


Thomas Kyte (Leesburg, VA) is among the most knowledgeable Oracle professionals in the world. He is Vice President in the Oracle Government, Education, and Health group and is the Tom behind the Ask Tom column in Oracle Magazine and the online forum at He has answered thousands of technical questions that sparked the creation of this book and is the author of Expert One-on-One Oracle (Wrox).
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