Theories of Myth: An Annotated Bibliography

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August 1997



Lists the most important English-language studies of myth theory, which attempt to answer the questions: What is 'myth?' How does it function in human society, and how is it to be interpreted?


Thomas J. Sienkewicz is the Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. He is the author of numerous books and articles.


...annotations following each citation are well written and informative... fills a need by providing citations in one place for various interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and patterns of myth interpretation. With its global scope and emphasis on broad overviews, this general bibliography is a recommended source for undergraduates and others new to the study of myth theory. College & Research Libraries (C&RL) The annoatations are clear and informative. The author clearly knows his subject and has an enthusiasm for communicating it... Reference Reviews Recommended for public, college, and university collections. CHOICE cannot but appreciate the work that Sienkewicz has done in summarizing in a single volume the broad range of myth-related materials from all over the world...indexes make it easy to find authors, editors, and subjects contained in teh bibliographic guide...the general public and students may learn much from reading it... Asian Folklore Studies ...indispensable and should be considered a basic part of any research library's basic reference collection. Religious Studies Review Although the author states the intended audience is college students or advanced high school students, the work covers a more in-depth range of materials and could be of assistance to a serious researcher...the annotations are well written and provide a thorough understanding of what the book or article covers and the value of the work...this is...a valuable tool for exploring the major theorists in the field. American Reference Books Annual Sienkewicz succeeds in his stated goal of writing annotations that are accessible to an undergraduate audience, advanced high school students, or novices in the field of mythological theory. Yet this book would also be a godsend for any serious researcher in the field. Journal Of Children's Literature
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