Generating Images of Stratification: A Formal Theory

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August 2003



Generating Images of Stratification is a self-contained presentation of a theoretical research program that deals with a significant explanatory problem relating to social inequality and that constructs generative theoretical models in doing so. In more detail:
-Self-contained presentation - In respect to the background sociological facts and theoretical ideas and also the formal methods the book provides clear and simple accounts accompanied by examples.
- A theoretical research program - The emphasis is on theory development, involving a series of theoretical models constructed within a core framework of principles and methods.
- Deals with a significant explanatory problem relating to social inequality - We know from research that how people perceive the stratification system of a society depends upon their position in that system. So the problem is: What process generates this regularity and thereby explains empirical generalizations about the social structuration of images?
- Constructs generative theoretical models - The book is an extended presentation of "generative theory" in sociology, a formal method of producing effective theoretical explanations. Generating Images of Stratification is of interest to mathematical sociologists and formal theorists in sociology; sociologists interested in social stratification; methodologists, both in sociology and in other fields; philosophers of social science; and theoretical scientists and mathematicians who are interested in applying their analytical tools to social science topics.


Preface. Introduction.
- 1: The Methodology of Formal Theorizing. A Generalizing Orientation. A Deductive Orientation. Interrelation of the Orientation Elements. Theoretical Models and Mathematics in Sociology. Models of Social Structure. Process Models. Theoretical Frameworks and Theoretical Models. The Evaluation of Theoretical Models. The Axiomatic Method.
- 2: Stratification and Consciousness. Structure and Stratification. Symbolic Media and Stratification. Stratification Elements as Parameters. The Theoretical Analysis of Stratification. Images of Stratification. Theory and Research on Images of Stratification.
- 3: The Panoply of Structural Images. Generating Images: Introduction. From Empirical Generalizations to Formal Theory. A Formal Representation of Multidimensional Stratification. The Image Formation Process: Axioms. The Focal Actor Method: Examples and Consequences. Derived Consequences. Appendix.
- 4: Self-Location in a Stratified System. The Basic Assumption and its Derived Consequences. Deriving Empirical Self-Identification: Labeling. The Magnification of the Middle. Fields, Actor Representations and Reflexivity. Appendix.
- 5. Images of the Shape of a Stratified System. The Nature of the Theoretical Problem. Extending the Scope of the Formal Theory. The Representation of d-Images. Generating d-Images: A Distribution Form and an Axiom. Generating d-Images: The 2x2 System. Generating d-Images: The 2x3 System. Toward Further Theoretical Elaborations. The Double Diamond Model.
- 6: Theoretical Elaborations. The Upward Merging Bias. Social Mobility and Image Transformation. Rank Equivalence and Images. Dimensional Permutations. Images of Distributive Justice. Appendix.
- 7: Proliferation: New Directions of Research. Generating Images of Emergent Dominance Structures. Generating Stratified Emotional Energy Levels. A Simulation Study. An Empirical Study. References. Index.
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