Language, Truth and Knowledge: Contributions to the Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap

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September 2003



This collection, with essays by Graham H. Bird, Jaakko Hintikka, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Jan Wolenski, will interest graduate students of the philosophy of language and logic, as well as professional philosophers, historians of analytic philosophy, and philosophically inclined logicians. Language, Truth and Knowledge brings together 11 new essays that offer a wealth of insights on a number of Carnap's concerns and ideas. The volume arose out of a symposium on Carnap's work at an international conference held in Vienna in 2001. The essays are written from a variety of perspectives: -some essays aim at rebutting influential criticisms directed at Carnap's views; -others examine and assess his thought in the light of recent developments in the neurosciences; -still others are historical and describe the development of Carnap's thought; -they all shed light on the relation of this thought and different philosophical traditions. These essays form a collection that will prove a valuable resource for our understanding of the historic Carnap and the living philosophical issues with which he grappled.


Preface. Carnap on Truth; I. Niiniluoto. Carnap's Metaphilosophy; J. Wolenski. Synthetic Geometry and Aufbau; T. Mormann. Carnap's Übernahme der Gestalttheorie in den Aufbau im Lichte heutiger, vor allem computationaler Theorien des Sehens; U. Majer. Carnap's Aufbau Rehabilitated; C.W. Savage. Carnap and the Unity of Science: 1921-1928; C. Pincock. Carnap's Internal and External Questions. Part 1 : Quine's Criticisms. Part 2: Carnap's Arguments; G.H. Bird. Scepticism under New Colours? Stroud's Criticism of Carnap; T. Bonk. Squaring the Vienna Circle with Up-to-date Logic and Epistemology; J. Hintikka. Carnap versus Quine, or Aprioristic versus Naturalized Epistemology, or a Lesson from Dispositions; W. Spohn. Husserl's Role in Carnap's Der Raum; S. Sarkar. Index.
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