The Future of Business Schools: Scenarios and Strategies for 2020

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To what extent do business schools in Europe contribute to competitiveness of the economy? European Business Schools imitate their North American counterparts in order to catch up in the competition for knowledge and training in management. The book compares institutional settings of business schools and presents five foresight scenarios for 2020.


Introduction PART ONE: A FORESIGHT VIEW Management Education as a system:a case study on Europe Nine Challenges for Business Schools Exogeneous Pressures exerted on the System Five Foresight Scenarios for Business Schools 2020 Strategic Implications for the Main Regions of the World Strengthening a Management Education System: back to the EU Case PART TWO: CURRENT SITUATIONS AND TRENDS IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES AND REGIONS UK Business Schools Management Education and Research in Germany Management Education and Research in France Higher Education in Business: the case of Spain Management Education in Italy Higher Management Education in the Netherlands Management Education and research in Sweden Higher Management Education in Portugal Business Education in Central and Eastern Europe The Business of Business Education in the United States Business Education in Latin America Management Education in Asia Business Education in the Middle East and North Africa


THOMAS DURAND is professor of Business Strategy at Ecole Centrale Paris, France. His research interests focus on technology strategy, the management of innovation, organizational learning and competence, and foresight and strategy. He also heads CM International, a management consultancy which he founded, with forty staff in France, the UK, Ireland and Spain, working for large corporations and public organizations. STEPHANIE DAMERON  is professor of Strategic Management and Organizational Behaviour at Rouen University and at CREPA-Paris Dauphine University, France. Her research interests focus on organizational and group dynamics. She is currently working on the developmental process of cooperative relationships, based on case studies such as mergers or communities of practice.
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