Stated Memory: East Germany and the Holocaust

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August 2001



Fox presents a long-overdue study of the East German view of the Holocaust over the years 1946-1989.


Especially valuable to scholars and students of German studies, but intensely interesting to the educated public as well. -- Nancy A. Lauckner, Univ. of Tennessee Shows how...the Holocaust, antisemitism, and Nazism always were viewed through the lens of communist theory...Inclusion of the treatment of the Holocaust in East German literature and film adds an important dimension to this work. CHOICE Fox writes with style and verve. (The study) should proivde new impetus for specialists in East German and Holocaust studies. GERMANIC NOTES AND REVIEWS Those familiar with the scholarly work on the role of the Holocaust within the GDR's foundling narrativeof antifascism will ... gain a more complex and historicized understanding of the East German Holocaust discourse. JEGP An excellently researched study, methodologically advanced and marked by good critical judgment. FILMBLATT Because of the richness of its documentation, this work constitutes ... an excellent reference work on the recent past of Germany. ETUDES GERM.
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