The Early Church: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature in English

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Contains abstracts of about one thousand books and major articles dealing with the church from the beginning of the second century roughly to the end of the sixt.


Brent Shaw, (PhD, Cambridge), Professor of History at the University of Lethbridge,is a contributor to the revised Cambridge Ancient History and to such journals as Classical Philology, Past & Present, and The Journal of Roman Studies, has provided a significant number of abstracts related to the Roman world. Other contributors include M.J. Penton, Terence Donaldson, and Michael DeRoche


... succinct introductions... well done in every way... CHOICE This is almost certainly the best bibliography of patristic studies ever produced... Theological Book Review It will be an essential guide to every teacher and student working in the field of early Christianity for a long time to come. Ecclesiastical History, Volume 46/No.2-Apr 1995 Robinson's work is a model of precise analysis, judicious judgment, and good common sense. The Living Church This is a useful and well-executed addition... Studies In Religion/Sciences Religieuses ...has the advantage of presenting a broad perspective on the early church, with significant annotation to guide students. Calvin Theological Journal
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