Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity Conservation: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Values of Medicinal Plants

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Provides a detailed analysis of the economic and scientific rationales for biodiversity conservation.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Diversity and sustainability: evolution, information and institutions Timothy Swanson; Part A. Plant Communities and the Generation of Information: 2. Chemical diversity in plants Linda Fellows and Anthony Scofield; 3. Ethnobotany and the search for balance between use and conservation Jennie Wood Sheldon and Michael J. Balick; Part B. The Value of Plant-Generated Information in Pharmaceuticals: 4. The pharmaceutical discovery process Georg Albers-Schonberg; 5. The role of plant screening and plant supply in biodiversity conservation, drug development and health care Bruce Aylward; 6. The economic value of plant-based pharmaceuticals David Pearce and Seema Puroshothaman; Part C. The Institutions for Regulating Information from Diversity: 7. The appropriation of evolution's values: an institutional analysis of intellectual property regimes and biodiversity conservation Timothy Swanson; 8. Preserving biodiversity: the role of property rights Ian Walden; Part D. The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Biodiversity Conservation: 9. Medicinal plants, indigenous medicine and conservation of biodiversity in Ghana Katrina Brown; 10. Biodiversity and the conservation of medicinal plants: issues from the perspective of the developing world Mohamed Khalil; Index.


"...a detailed analysis of the economic and scientific rationales for the use of property rights-based approach to biodiversity conservation...The book will be of interest and relevance to a broad spectrum of conservationists from research students to policy makers." Environment International "This book gives a lot of interesting information about intellectual property rights and biodiversity conservation...The book does not pretend to give an answer on how biodiversity conservation is to be achieved, but gives hints and counsels in which direction solutions could be found...I would like to express my hope that the discussion about biodiversity conservation will finally lead to concrete results. I am convinced that this book is a step in the right direction." Stefan Gafner, Ecoscience
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