Eight Steps to Sustainable Organizational Learning

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This book describes the journey of developing and implementing a global knowledge sharing strategy at the multinational project development and construction company Skanska. The strategy described is based on a "people-to-people" approach and covers four different strategic business units with more than 50,000 employees. It shows how the introduction of knowledge management has led to improved collaboration on customers and increased sales, as well as quality improvements and higher employee satisfaction. The book introduces a 8-step framework for achieving sustainable organizational learning and provides a theoretical introduction to the field of knowledge management and cognitive pedagogy.


Knowledge and learning.
Frameworks and models for learning.
The individual at the Center of learning process.
From Differentiation to Integration.- The final word.



Theresia Olsson Neve has almost fifteen years of experience in the Knowledge Management field, both academically and practically. In 2006 she received a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences, with focus on Individual and Organizational Learning. One of her work-related assignments was to develop and implement a global knowledge sharing strategy at the project development and construction company Skanska in her role as "Global Knowledge Sharing Manager". Theresia was born in Sweden and lives near Stockholm.

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