The Physics of Golf

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This revised and expanded bestseller includes a new chapter on putting, a new appendix on the fundamental physics covered in the book, increased coverage of modern club design, and an updated reference section. As in the previous book, most of the mathematics is relegated to a technical appendix. The first edition of this book was enthusiastically received by the both the science press in Physics Today, IEEE Spectrum, and Nature and the golf world in American Golf Pro and Golf Week.


Chapter 1- The Secret of Golf is in the Swing//Chapter 2- The First look at the golf stroke//Chapter 3- A second look at the golf stroke//Chapter 4- Variations on Parameters brings new Understanding of the Golf Swing//Chapter 5- The energy of the swing//Chapter 6- Producing power with precision//Chapter 7- Developing your own golf stroke//Chapter 8- The aerodynamics of golf//Chapter 9- When the clubhead meets the ball//Chapter 10- The Harry Vardon swing//Chapter 11- The matching of clubs//Chapter 12- The flexibility of shafts//Chapter 13- Examining the handicap system//Chapter 14- On short putts//References//Technical Appendices//Index



From the reviews:
"... Gives new insights and precise views into the forces and torques developed in the downswing.... Thank you, Dr. Jorgensen...We will all treasure your book." American Golf Pro
"The heart of golfer Ted Jorgensen's delightful book lies in his analysis of the swing of the golf club and how, armed with insights from that analysis, you, he and I might all swing the club better and play better golf . . . [The book] is designed to be accessible to the casual reader while satisfying the critical student. But first word or last, for anyone who has swung a golf club, the book is fun to read." Physics Today (BOB ADAIR, AUTHOR OF PHYSICS OF BASEBALL)
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