Deepening the American Dream: Reflections on the Inner Life and Spirit of Democracy

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September 2005



"Deepening the American Dream offers a collection of reflections on the spiritual meaning of being American in todays world from some of our most respected thinkers: Gerald May, Jacob Needleman, Elaine Pagels, Robert Inchausti, Parker Palmer, and others. "Deepening the American Dream explores the inner life of democracy, the way citizens are formed, and considers the spiritual aspects of the American dream3/4life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With original essays from distinguished writers and thinkers, this important work examines the American dream and gives us a deeper understanding of who we are now and what our dreams and aspirations are today.


Mark Nepo, a distinguished poet and writer, is the author of The Book of Awakening (2000), a One Spirit Book Club selection, finalist for the 2000 Books for a Better Life Award, and one of Spirituality and Health magazine's Best Spiritual Books of 2000. His most recent book is The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life (2005) which Spirituality and Health magazine has cited as "one of the best books we've ever read on what it takes to live an authentic life." He is a program officer for the Fetzer Institute.

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