Lessons and Legacies IV: Reflections on Rligion, Justice, Sexuality, and Genocide

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August 2003



Table Of Contents
I. Propriety
Preempting the Holocaust, by Laurence L Langer
Problems in the Comparison of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust, by Robert Malson
II. Morality
Religion and the Holocaust: Some Reflections, by Doris L Bergen
The Holocaust in the Shadow of the Cold War: Moral Questions about Papal Policy, by Michaal Phayer
To Nostra Aetater. Martin Buber and Romano Guardini, by Robert A. Krieg,
III. Legality
War Crimes Prosecutions: An Exercise in Justice? A Lesson in History? by Ruth Batina Birn
The National Trials Relating to the Holocaust in Hungary: An Overview, by Randolph L. Braham
Hitler's Helpers? The Judenrate Controversy, by Piotr Wrobel
IV. Sexuality
Gender: A Crucial Tool in Holocaust Research, by Marion Kaplan
Trauma, Memory, and Motherhood: Germans and Jewish Displaced Parsons in Post-Nazi Germany, 1945-1949, by Atina Grossman
V. Proximity
Between Planning and implementation: The Lublin District and Majdanak Camp in Nazi Policy, by Tomaaz Kranz
Confirming Their Prejudices: German University Students and Himmlar's Resettlement Program, by Geoffrey J. Giles
Visions of the Other: Stareotypes, Survival, and the Refugee Question in Brazil, by Jeffrey Lesser


Larry V. Thompson, a specialist in twentieth-century Central European history, is a professor of history at the United States Naval Academy.
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