Behaviour Problems in the Early Years: A Guide for Understanding and Support

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April 2005



Addressing the issue of behaviour problems in the early years, this book offers early years practitioners a practical and well-researched resource covering subjects such as: the nature and extent of behaviour problems in the early years definitions of behaviour problems theoretical frameworks and factors screening and assessment a blueprint for early identification and intervention.
This resource is based on the authora (TM)s own experience and research in early years practice and she uses a range of practical tips, strategies, activity ideas, forms and checklists to convey her message.
Papatheodorou shows that successful early identification and management of behaviour problems requires informed practice that takes into account existing theoretical and conceptual works. All professionals working in an early years environment will find this an invaluable read.


Part 1: Understanding Behaviour Problems 1. Introduction: behavioural problems in the early years 2. The nature and extent of behaviour problems in the early years 3. Definition of behaviour problems 4. Behaviour problems in educational and early years settings 5. Factors associated with behaviour problems Part 2: Support for Positive Behaviour 6. Behaviour management (i): habitual preventative strategies 7. Behaviour management (ii): approaches and strategies for early intervention 8. Screening and primary prevention 9. Assessment of behaviour problems 10. Planning for early intervention 11. Traits, knowledge, skills and competencies Epilogue: Professionals' Traits, Skills and Competencies


'This book is highly recommended for all existing and prospective practitioners working with young children and has particular significance, given the important role early years professionals now play within the current context of government policies for early intervention.' - Early Years
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