No. 1 Suspect

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November 2012



Fourth title in the acclaimed D.J. Smith series. Following on from previous titles; Under Suspicion, Above Suspicion and Suspects All!


The Mulgray Twins have lived in Edinburgh all their lives. After university, they taught English for thirty years in Midlothian. Following an early retirement in 1993, they had time to take up writing as a hobby; first short stories and articles for magazines, then romantic fiction and more recently crime. They won the Edinburgh Writers' Club novel competition in 2002, which led to the publication of their debut novel, No Suspicious Circumstances in 2007. The twins went on to write Under Suspicion, Above Suspicion and Suspects All !


'Refreshingly unique' - The Times 'Nothing short of exceptional' - The Big Issue 'Oozes the kind of quirky charm and originality that made Alexander McCall Smith's No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series a bestseller' - The Daily Record
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