Chatsworth Cookery Book

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Oktober 2003



The Duchess's favourite recipes - based mainly on the produce of the Chatsworth estate - alongside snippets of family history and anecdotes. Previous books by the Duchess, on Chatsworth and its gardens, have done extremely well. Line illus.


Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire is the youngest of the seven children of the second Baron Redesdale and sister of the writers Nancy and Jessica Mitford and Diana Mosley. The Duke and Duchess lived at Chatsworth from 1950 on and lovingly restored the house and gardens.


This book deserves a place on the shelves of all food lovers. It gives an insight into the ethos of Chatsworth, together with its extraordinary food empire, as well as being an excellent cookery book and a delight to read Country Life Contains the Duchess's favourite recipes and wry anecdotes: 'I once had a very bad-tempered Light Sussex cock which flew at people claws first and made a nasty mess of their legs. My father wrung his neck and he was sent in a jelly (the cock, not my father) to an ill person.' Eat your heart out, Nigella. World of Interiors Possibly the poshest food book ever. Lady Eat like a Duchess and get to know more about one of England's great houses and the family who live there. Nottinghamshire Evening Post
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